Prayer Requests

Along with my other purpose for this site I also wanted to join with you in prayer for the things over which you agonize. It is important that we as believers hold one another up in prayer. Don’t feel as though you have to be specific. Just leaving a “pray for me” note will suffice. God bless you and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Pray that God would open up my heart more to love those I disagree with theologically and doctrinally. That I would love them as Christ has loved me and that I would seem that as the church. baptized into the same body, purchased by the same savior and sanctified by the same blood. That I would take Ephesians 4 seriously as it relates to: one Lord, faith, hope baptism, savior and Spirit.

  2. I feel the same way as lionelwoods7, it has to get
    to this place in our lives!

  3. Baby is doing great. Pray that I follow after Christ in the leading of my family. Seems like when I think all is well in my walk, things get sour. I am trying to set the example of Christ Jesus in my home. I want them all (my wife’s a Christian) to love Jesus in my home. I have been praying show me how love like you loved the church.

  4. If you could please pray not only for more of a heart for evangelism, but for creative ways in which I as a young man could do so that’d be effective in both presenting the Gospel and making it culturally relevant.

    The entire issue of not focusing so much on the message that one forgets to make it relevant and not seeking to be so relevant that you forget the message. Moreover, as a Youth Worker, if you could please pray for more of a heart to not only minister for those entrusted to me in prayer but that I’d have what James 3 describes in the WISDOM OF HEAVEN when working with them—-and truly being able to have a heart to serve as Jesus did.

    Oh….and pray for a godly wife/that I’d be a godly husband. Apart from that, blessings…

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