Posted by: Bro. Lawrence D. | May 20, 2009

Taking a Much Needed Break

I don’t post often. Most of the time, I have several posts rolling around the “quality control department” of my mind, which prevents me from posting regularly. Recently, though, I’ve had several phone conversations and blog exchanges on other sites that have brought me to the realization that I need to step away from it all and spend more time praying, studying and listening. Yes, I’ll still be reading the posts on all of your blogs but I won’t be commenting much.

Brother Lawrence D. needs to focus on Christ being Lord over his life in every area and seeking to interact with his brothers and sisters in Christ in a manner that would both edify them and honor Christ. It’s time out for arguing to be arguing or arguing without a real biblical, Christ-honoring goal or intent. This is on me. I’m taking full responsibility for my words, actions and attitudes.

So, later for now. I’ll be back to continue agonizing with you. Hopefully more mature, loving, knowledgeable and wise. Please pray for me as I embark on this journey. And in the meantime, read this blog post on my brother Lionel’s site…..It’s so timely!



  1. brother you truly live up to the title of your blog……

  2. BLD-

    Funny, this is where I am at as well. The best part of interacting with the blogosphere are the people that I have met who have blessed me such as you, Lionel, Steven, Alan and many others.

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