Posted by: Bro. Lawrence D. | February 25, 2009

Onion-Heads Anonymous

Hello. My name is Lawrence D. and I’m an Onion-head!

Like an onion, each of us has many layers that cover the source or sources that contribute to the reasons why we believe what we believe. Many of us would decry such a claim. We would claim adamantly that we believe in “Sola Scriptura”. We would claim that our position on any theological point is strictly derived from scripture. But is this really the case? I have to say no. You see, there are many, many layers on our minds through which we filter the truth of God’s Holy Word.

Some of those layers include our:

Theology- How we view God, His nature, His attributes, His relationship to us as Creator, etc.

Christology- H0w we view Christ, His nature, His role in the Godhead, His work, His role as Head of the Church, etc.

Pneumatology- How we view the Holy Spirit, His nature, His role in the Godhead His work, His presence, etc.

Ecclesiology- How we view the Church, it’s function, setting, government, etc.

Anthropology- How we view mankind. This includes issues of gender roles, race, etc.

Philosophy- How we view reality.

Epistemology- How we know what we know.

Hermeneutics- How we interpret scripture. This is shaped by everything mentioned. (Including our next category)

And lest we forget that most dangerous of all layers, that which blinds mens’ eyes, stops their ears and eventually damns their souls,


This layer is the thickest of all. It is the most tenaciously defended. It is the most cherished. It is that in which we most invest our time, energy and money to preserve. And sadly, it is that layer which we are least likely to recognize in ourselves. It is the layer which is most like pride and most likely to contribute to pride. Pride is the carbon monoxide poison of sins. When it is in you, you can’t see it, taste it or smell it. And without the proper detector (Thank you Lord for brothers like Lionel and DTG!) it will kill your testimony and anyone who crosses your path. And if God is not merciful to you to awaken you out of your stupor, it will kill your very soul!

To be frank, revealed truth is the only thing that will bring about clarity on any of these issues. We must have our minds/hearts opened by God in order to receive His revelation. We must humble ourselves and realize that our own intellect is only able to get us so far in knowing the things of God. But if we are to come to know God Himself, it will take a supernatural work of the Holy Spirit.

Revealed truth is both sorrowful and joyful at the same time. Revealed truth both traps you and frees you. It wounds you and heals you. It knocks you down and it sets you straight up on your feet. It scares you and gives you courage you never had before. It can be both ugly and beautiful at the same time. It’s like the sun, you can’t stand to look at it for too long but at the same time you can’t see anything else without it. There’s a funny thing about revealed truth. It not only reveals that thus far you’ve been wrong but it also reveals the reasons why.

Allow me to make a few suggestions:

1. Don’t be afraid to question both your beliefs and the practices that result from them. You may find that they have no biblical support whatsoever and should therefore not be held over another believers’ head or contentiously debated. Yes, you could be an onion-head too!

2. In questioning your beliefs, pray and ask God to be merciful unto you and to show you your error.

3. When you receive God’s truth, be prepared to be labeled and rejected by the “religious establishment”. Be prepared to be accused of vile things, such as being a false teacher, a heretic, or a rebel.

4.  Be prepared to stand alone in the things God will show you.

5. Keep it in mind the next time you are trying to convince someone who appears to be in opposition to the truth of God’s word, that that person has many layers that has led them to that belief. Remember that you too were once blind in many areas, including the one you are now debating with them over.

Again, in the end only the powerful work of the Holy Spirit upon the mind will peel back the layers that prevent us from having the truth revealed to us. This weakness in us serves to promote God’s glory.

Let us pray that the mercy of God will bring about the revelation of His Son to each of us and to those with whom we come in to contact.



  1. I am not only an Onion Head spokesperson I am also a certified member. Here lies the skinny LD, it is the Spirit who reveals. I know we have special schools and special books that helps us discern God’s truth. But Jesus says it is the Spirit who will lead us into ALL truth. So I am betting the house on the Spirit my brother and I pray that my earnest heart and desire to remove any baggage will reach His ear and He will teach me the Godhead’s will.

  2. Amen! Amen! and Amen! Add me to the prayer list.

  3. Onion Head!! That would make a great name for a band. lol!!!
    Ladies and gentleman, here is ….Onion Head!!! Yea!!!!
    And all of our songs could encompass what you posted.
    The first title cut could be I am right and you are wrong.
    Bro. Lawrence, in all honesty, THANK YOU!!!!
    This is something we must not forget. We were and are continuing in a journey that only a layer at a time gets peeled off. All so the Lord continues to make us know who is in control.
    One word you forgot to mention in the label statement. “Divisive.”
    I have had that thrown at me a few times by some.
    My problem is I have a strong German personality. And it shows up at the wrong times.

  4. Bro. SOwen,

    Here’s the chorus;

    “I’m right!” (I’m right)
    “Your wrong!” (Your wrong)
    “Hey stupid that’s the point of this song!”
    “I’m right!” (I’m right)
    “Your wrong!” (Your wrong)
    “Hey stupid that’s the point of this song!”

    Yeah brother, that’s a number one hit! LOL!!!

  5. Outstanding post aka the professor, Us onion heads need some peeling in certain traditions for sure. Not only peeling the onion it needs to be fried with the religion that holds the onion together. But we must not forget where we were being onion heads in the frist place. But God is able to peel the onion if we let him. But if people fight to stay in the pot with traditions and religion the onion isn’t going to be peeled back at all. My favorite part is about the people when God starts to peel things away they say why lol. We say because God is cooking me for a lot better stuff in this world and time for people he loves. So the peeling of traditions and religion can start afresh in another onion heads life that is fighting the peeling. Professor keep bringing it and don’t look back like lot wife or you might become salt for that onion lol.

  6. LD,

    The quicker we realize we are onion heads the easier it gets. I think that is what made the Apostle Paul such a beast in thoelogical circles becasue he knew he was nothing and didn’t mind telling people.(Phil 3 and 4)

  7. DTG,

    I thought you had forgotten about me there for a minute!

  8. Bro. Brian,

    I’m asking God to peel my onion everyday! I know I have layers. Some of the one’s that He has already peeled are trying to grow back. You know how the enemy wants us to go “back to Egypt”.

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