Posted by: Bro. Lawrence D. | January 19, 2009

J.A.I.C. Update

This post is just meant to recount for you my experience in going to pray for the daughter of my co-worker.

I wanted to name this post “Trust in God Kills Impotence” or “Impotent Christian, yes, Impotent God, NO!” But I decided not to. The reason why is that I didn’t want to give the impression that I went to pray for the girl and subsequently took part in a book of Acts, entire household repentance, Holy Spirit falling experience. The fact is, most of what was accomplished there was probably most immediately visible in me instead of in the girl or her family.

The brother in the Lord (Bro. Jun) who went with me and I arrived at my co-workers home to find her gone and no sight of her daughter. My co-worker’s mother let us in and then proceeded to offer us some refreshments. Even though her English was not very good and heavily accented, she communicated to us that my co-worker would be back shortly. A few minutes later my co-worker called and I was able to speak with her. She let me know that she was about 25 minutes away and was sorry for the inconvenience. I let her know that it was okay and that we were glad to wait for such a serious situation. Soon after we got off of the phone, her sister arrived. She also offered us refreshments and then proceded to make small talk. We found out that she had recently left her job but that she was overall doing well. We also found out that she knew as much or as little as we did about her niece’s condition. In fact she had actually spent time with her niece over Christmas break and they had apparently had a good time. She told us that her niece “loved” scary movies and that upon her request she rented one for her. But the problems with the girl started after she returned home. (That piece of information, by the way, raised Brother Jun’s eyebrows and he was eager to consider it as possibly related to the girl’s condition. I myself was rather unconvinced. I guess figuring out how things got started was less urgent to me.)  The aunt said that when she heard what was going on she just figured that the girl had had to much excitement in their visit and was having trouble calming down. However, my co-worker assured her that things were more serious. Somehow praying or faith came up and I asked if she was a Sikh like her sister. She said yes. I asked how she felt about her sister inviting two Christians to come and pray for her niece. She said that because of her belief that all religions lead to the same God (which is consistent with Sikhism) it did not bother her at all. It was her view, and the view of my co-worker, that whatever would work they would try. I let her know that I would be speaking with her niece about Jesus Christ being the only Way and exclusively God. I told her that I was n0t intentionally offending her with this claim but that it was what I believed and that it was the only way out of this dilemna for her niece. She assured me that she would not be offended. At this time, Brother Jun excused himself to the restroom.

Just before I could continue any dialogue with the aunt about the exclusivity of Christ, my co-worker walks into the house. But she is not alone. With her are two men. Both are barefoot and dressed in robes and shawls. They were carrying what seemed to be a stool or an altar. I couldn’ t tell. Now my eyebrows were raising! I immediately wondered to myself, “what is going on?”! My co-worker came to me and apologize for the delay. I immediately asked her if there was going to be some type of ceremony. To my surprise. and chagrin I must admit, she said yes. I said to her that maybe the brother and I should leave and that in fact we were going to leave. She begged me to stay. She said that the men were priest from her temple there to bless the house and that they would only be there for a few minutes. At this time Brother Jun returned and she began to ask him, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?”. Of course, he was confused by her questions. Then he saw the men and the look on my face. I told him what the men were there for and he seemed caught off guard but undetered. I told him that we should go to the car and then we excused ourselves. Outside I told him that I didn’t believe that God would work in this setting. It seemed completely antithetical for Him to do anything while the men were upstairs chanting away. The brother said that though it was odd we should not leave. So we stayed.

When we got back inside the grandmother and aunt were busy in the kitchen preparing a meal for the ceremony and other things. At this time, my co-worker went to get her daughter. In walks this girl who looks like she hasn’t slept or has only slept for days. She looked completely drained of strength. The mother sat her down on the love seat next to the couch we were sitting on. I asked how to pronounce her name. Then I began to speak with her. I wanted to let her know that I was not there to hurt her and that she should consider me a friend. I asked her what she knew about Jesus Christ. She said “I know that He killed Himself to save everybody.”. I responded, “He killed Himself?” To which she said, “I mean He was killed to save everybody.” I asked her if she believed that. She said yes. I asked her if she knew He was God. She said no. I told her “Yes, He is!” I then told her that He was her only way out of this situation and that He would help her if she asked. I then asked her if she wanted to ask Him to help her. She said yes. I asked her what it was that she wanted to ask Him and she said that she didn’t want to feel this way anymore. I asked, “Do you want to ask Him now?”. And then suddenly she said, “Jesus, I don’t want to feel like this anymore.” I immediately told her to bow her head and I bowed mine and began to pray for her. When I finished praying for her, I asked her how she felt. She said, “I feel light.” And the brother and I began to praise the Lord. Her mother and aunt both began to command her to say “Thank you Jesus!”. I was very surprised.

But suddenly one of the men from her temple descended halfway down the staircase and said something in their language. The aunt said to them that they must all go upstairs to participate in this part of the house blessing ceremony (which I found out actuallylast 3 days). I immediately wanted to protest. This little girl had just been touched by God’s Spirit. I’m not saying that she was saved. But whatever had been accomplished, I knew, was about to be ruined. They got up and proceeded to the staircase. The little girl protested but they ignored her. While they were upstairs, I voiced my concerns to Brother Jun and he concured but he knew there was nothing we could do. They came back down and I began to speak with the little girl again. Suddenly she fainted and all my fears came true. She came to a few minutes later and I asked her how she felt. She said that she felt good before she went upstairs but that she now felt the same as before we prayed. She even began to shake all over. I asked if she was cold. She said no. I asked if she was nervous. She said no. I asked then, if she felt that something else was controlling her body. To my disappointment, she said yes. She also said that while she was passed out she saw a face with an evil smile and no other features.

At this point I was honestly clueless as to what to do. I then opened my bible to Psalm 23 and had her read it. I asked her if she understood what it said. I explained to her the confidence that David showed in God and that she must show that same confidence in Christ for her salvation and for her deliverance from this affliction. I told her that each time she felt afraid that she should read this passage. I asked her mom if she had a bible in the house. She said no, so I asked if she had a pair of scissors. She got them from the kitchen. Brother Jun told me that I didn’t need to cut it out of my bible because he had one to give her in his car. He retrieved it and we marked out the passage for her. He added another passage for her from Philippians. I again began to speak with her about Christ when she suddenly fainted again. This time she continued to shake but she would not come to. Then Brother Jun began to give the mom and aunt his testimony and explain to them that they needed to call on Jesus themselves as he had as an atheist who was desperate for the healing of his wife from a brain aneurysm. He them prayed for the little girl himself.

We then got up to leave and as we approached the door the aunt began to exclaim, “Look at her face. Look at her face.”. We turned around to see the little girl snarling like a mean dog. Her face was really contorted. I asked the mom and aunt to move and I sat down and held the girl in my arms. I prayed to God to have mercy on her and then, in what seemed like a reversion to my Pentecostal days, I informed the evil spirit that it must leave her because she belonged to Christ. I know fellas but I was desperate. Suddenly, her body relaxed and she appeared to be sleep rather than faint. I told the mom and aunt to let her rest and to call me when she awoke. Brother Jun and I said our goodbyes and proceeded to leave. The grandmother came into the living room and grabbed me in a tight hug and said, “Thank you son, thank you.”. It was a very sweet moment.

We went outside and I just prayed again that despite the ceremony, which was still going on upstairs, that God would have mercy on the little girl.

That was Wednesday. I didn’t hear from the mother until last night at work. She informed me that the girl is doing a lot better but that she is still having fainting episodes and the evil spirit is still manifesting. I reminded her of our previous discussions of having one-heart devotion to Christ alone. I told her that she needed to consider it because it was the only thing that would help her daughter. I reminded her that her daughter felt “light” and that she didn’t want to participate in the ceremony. I let her know that I wasn’t trying to blackmail her but that unless she made a committment to Christ as God alone in her own life, things would most likely continue as they are with her daughter. I even told her that she should consider if God was allowing this with her daughter as a means to break the pride in her and cause her to “bow the knee” to Him. She actually agreed that it was a possibility. She even said to me that she knows that my prayers to Him worked. 

Even though I left out a few details of the entire experience, I think you get the overall picture of what went down. Personally, I learned a great deal about where I am in the Lord. I learned that I really need to be filled more with the Spirit and that I need to be doing the scriptures as much as knowing them. I learned that when it came down to it, I trusted the Lord to protect me against any dangers. I learned that it’s not about my abilities but His. I learned that even if I thought that I was “up to it”, I must always depend solely on the Holy Spirit for my strength. I also learned that God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.

Pray for the little girl and her entire family. Pray that a seed was planted in her that will one day grow into her being a witness in her family, for Christ. And also pray for me that the next time an opportunity to bring the light of Christ into anyone’s life, I will be better prepared and more eager to go.



  1. BLD,

    I am with you on this one…. He just brings back memories of being in situtation like this o the regular before be introduced ro theology. Can it be that god allowed such a thing to happen to us then in order that we may be prepared now. there was no fear back then just blind crazy zeal.

  2. like this on the regular before being introduced to theology.

    (it should read like this instead of what is above)

  3. Brian,

    Ain’t it funny how zealous for God (regardless of our lack of knowledge) we were? We would really pray and believe and wrestle with God, now we chalk up as His “sovereignty”. We would want to really see people healed but now we just count it as another part of life, so many things and so many time we were ready to face opposition, zealous for evangelism and all but now? Well good theology has forced us to write off the Spiritual and make this a religon of abstract facts.


    I was telling my wife and she was like wow!

  4. Bro. Brian,

    At first we were zealous to practice without knowledge. Then we became zealous for knowledge of what we practice. Then we stalled when we gained the knowledge that some of what we practiced wasn’t “biblical”. Then we became knowledgeable but without the zeal for putting anything into practice for fear that we might later discover that it wasn’t “biblical” either.

    Well, now we must find a way to be zealous for wisdom to put into practice the things that we now know. The first step is to trust the God in whom we have believed. He has protected us this far and there’s no reason to believe that He wont continue to do so.

  5. Bro. Lionel,

    Tell Superwoman that yo boy was Superscared, got Superconvicted and then went and now feels Super about what the future holds! LOL!!!

  6. What are you guys thoughts on this:

    Must there always be a biblical precedence that we find for something to be deemed Godly.

  7. I think I will echo Paul:

    “Whatever you do in word and deed, do it to glory of God”. Thus as believers the sacred/secular dichotomy does not exist, our whole lives are to be “presented to God as a living sacrifice” thus to seperate the two is to redefine what the bible calls “worship” (which has been reduced to a special time, in a special place, with special music, and special people).

  8. She is Supershopping on MLK Day! LOL!!! And I am going to be Superbroke if she keeps it up! I do agree with what you said it is funny that Paul says this to the Philippians:

    9 And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, 10 so that you may approve what is excellent, and so be pure and blameless for the day of Christ, 11 filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.

    I think it boils down to love that is not void of knowledge and discernment and as long as we are attempting to walk in biblical love we will be increasing in this.

  9. Bro. Brian,

    If by “biblical precedence” you mean an exact example for us to reenact today, then I would say NO!

    I believe that the bible, at times, gives us direct and specific imperitives that are not necessarily accompanied with a lived-out example. In other cases we are given general priciples as a guide for what we do without necessarily a blue-print for us to follow. I believe that this is due to God wanting us to rely on His Spirit rather than on our abilities to follow some four-step process. And as a way to cause us to focus more on Christ and His life. He did all things well and His testimony was, “for I always do the things that are pleasing to Him!” (i.e. The Father-John 8:29b)”

  10. This is awesome to hear, praise God. I really hope the whole family puts their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. I praise God for your obedience bro, we all need to live out the scriptures more. Ain’t nothing better than a living epistle. Please keep us informed of what happens. God bless;

    Karsten Miller

  11. LD,

    How you handled this situation was a good balance between be concrete to the scriptures and being “lead” by the Holy Spirit.

  12. Bro. Lawrence,
    I want to relate an experience I had 4 years ago when I moved to Arkansas. I came from a baptist/charismatic church to a baptist church. I had the zeal of being more than a conquerer. One evening the asso. pastor got a call from one of the members of the church. She said there was a young man on her sofa who had been passed out for 2 days or so from drugs. Her husband brought the young man to give him a place to sleep. Anyway I had to beg the pastor to let me go with him. On the way there he stated clearly to let one of the elders going with us to do all the talking. I didn’t say nothing. I just kept praying. When we got there we found the young man in a stupor. The one elder started to talk to him about Jesus. I just stood and watched in amazement of how he was reasoning with someone who wasn’t conscious. Anyway I couldn’t take it anymore. I bent down and told him to move. I laid my hands on the young man and started praying out load in tongues. As I did this I prayed for delivernce. This lasted for about five or so minutes. I was totally oblivious to anything other than praying. When I finished the young man set up and was sweating profusly. He got up as if nothing was wrong. When we felt all was ok we left. The pastor and elder asked me if I smelled the sulfer odor coming off the young man. I said “what smell”? All that to say the Lord worked. Then the next day the young man came to the church delivered. Nothing was mentioned of the incident at the church. hush hush.
    As I continued to go there I learned more of the reformed theology and nothing more. I had been brushed off when it came to the spiritual gifts. So I sort of stopped operating in the gifts and left it at that. Then later as I stated in your first post on this that the Lord reminded me of what He gave.
    So Brother don’t back off of what God is doing. Take the authority you have in Christ and pray for the Lord to use you mightily. We don’t have the authority to bind, but we can say in the name of Jesus come out. Ask the Lord to lead you. That’s what I did. Don’t let all the theology purge the pentecost out of you. We must be balanced according to the word. Amen.
    Steven Owen

  13. Bro. Lawrence, it sounds to me like you’ve handled a very difficult situation with wisdom and humility. It is encouraging to see God working through you to reach out to this girl and her family. Much more prayer is needed for them from us all!


  14. Bro. SOwen,

    Wow! Wow! Wow! That story is amazing! I’m sure more things happen like that amongst those willing to trust God and look silly before men. Lord help me!

  15. Bro. Danny,

    Long time, no hear from. Thanks for the words of encouragement and prayers.

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