Posted by: Bro. Lawrence D. | December 22, 2008

Quote of the Day!

Today my daughter Patience (5) said that she wants to live her own life so that she can do what she wants. (Actually this is all in relation to wanting to sit in a seat at the dinner table without the booster. She’s a “big” girl now. Women?!) I asked her what she thought about living the life that Jesus wants for her. Suddenly my son Keyshawn (8) says,

“If you live under God’s roof, you should live by His rules!”

Nuff said!



  1. Such profound truth out of the mouth of the young.Man that speaks volumes.

  2. Man, the things children say….beautiful!!!

  3. A gangsta in the making! This is what being a “G” is about, not girls, video games, fighting and drugs! A young man who can profoundly articulate the gospel in the venacular of an 8 year old gets my pastor of the year award!

  4. Just when I was wondering if he was learning anything from me, he goes beyond in articulating everything I’m TRYING to teach him!

  5. Think how complicated we adults can make religion, and then we realize the kids have it all figured out!

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