Posted by: Bro. Lawrence D. | November 13, 2008

God Knows What You Don’t!

Some time ago, I wrote two articles entitled, “Being Honest About a Christian Husband’s Tension”. In part one or two (I honestly don’t recall), I wrote about my wife and I and our search for a home to purchase. I told you all how, no matter what we had going in our favor, we just couldn’t seem to get an offer accepted.

Well, a few weeks back we decided to discontinue our search for now. At the time it seemed that everything that could go wrong was. For instance, one of the down payment assistance programs that we were going to use was temporarily suspended due to the state budget. Also, the interest rate for FHA loans went up because of the economic turmoil of the country. And, worse of all, the bank countered the offer we made on one of their homes by a $25,000 increase. We knew that with all that, we just couldn’t afford the home. 

Needless to say, we were very disappointed. And although we had resolved ourselves that God knew what was best, it didn’t seem to take away the sting of disappointment. And I say resolved because we approached that truth as something begrudgingly accepted rather than joyfully embraced. The fact that God knows all and at times prevents His children from making huge errors should’ve brought us much comfort and joy. But that knowledge was not allowed to do so because our desires overruled our judgment. As the so-called “strong” one, I tried to comfort my wife with this truth over and over again. However, in truth, I was just preaching to myself.

Well, last night at work I found out that my medical insurance premium was increasing from $70.13 biweekly to $240.50 biweekly on January 1, 2009. Can you believe it? That’s $481 a month for health insurance. And I work for the government! That’s private sector rates.

And to think, the house we wanted was forty miles from my job which means I would have had to buy a car because we only have one. The gas and maintenance alone would have potentially been really expensive, especially if I would have bought a used car, which is all I could afford anyway. To top it off, because of budget cuts, our overtime have been cutback drastically.

So this post is to encourage you the reader that it is absolutely true that God knows what is best for us. It is more than a cliche that other Christians tell you when they don’t know what else to say. It is the truth that should provide us with that peace that passes all understanding. It is the knowledge that should shield us from allowing any present situation to control our emotions. We cannot excape the fact that when it comes to the story of our life, we see the movie frame-by-frame, but God sees and knows the entire thing from beginning to end.

So the next time that you are in a situation and things don’t seem to be progressing, just know that your Heavenly Father has it all under control and sooner or later you’ll be thanking Him for being God Himself and not letting you run things.



  1. Bro. Lawrence, thanks for this post man. I really am encouraged by this. (BTW, my wife is enjoying that book. She has gotten a little head start before me.) Stay strong in Christ Jesus my friend. Thanks for encouraging us, keep praying for us bro. Love you

    Karsten Miller

  2. i know how you feel…my wife and i thought that we would be getting ready to buy a house by the time our lease is up in December…we were going thru a mortgage class in to be eligible for a $10,000 downpayment grant…but then she lost her job in March…a bunch of other things started happening…and here we are no more ready to move than we were in January…but I see that even if she hadnt lost her job, we werent ready to tackle the responsibility of a house….and on top of that, my mother in law had to get surgery on her ACL and MCL, so my wife was available to help with her day to day business…so while im not crazy about my present location, i am grateful…besides, its better here than being somewhere waiting for the sheriff to toss us out…when times were up in the world and one of us had a job, God was in control and we didnt go without…now that times are spiraling down and we both have good paying jobs(wife went back to work in October), God is still in control…

  3. I’m really glad to have found this blog, and am pleased that Brother Lawrence has opened his thoughts to the rest of the world for us to benefit from.

    You really hit the nail on the head when you said “it is absolutely true that God knows what is best for us.” I think back to the times when I thought that God didn’t answer my prayers when I made a request – later, I realized that He did answer them, in fact, His way of answering them was much better than my own requests!


    I have a similar blog that I would be pleased for any of you to visit:

  4. Bro. Karsten,

    I feel compelled to share everything that I’m learning and relearning with all those that I love and that includes you and Shannon! So I’m so glad that you both have been encouraged. That encourages me! See how God works?!

  5. Bro. djenk23,

    It’s so amazing that our plans always seem so right to us and then God comes along and frustrates them and us. Later on, we see that He knew so much that we did not and, I don’t know about you, but the disappointment that I felt begins to feel like wasted emotion.

  6. Bro. Danny,

    Sometimes I have taken the attitude that “If God is not going to grant my request because He knows whats best for me, then why pray at all. Why not just let Him bless me when He feels like it?”. So you see my attitude was really bad. But this is not only an obedience issue it is also a trust issue. Through all of the disappointing moments I have come to trust God even more!

    It’s amazing how He works!

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