Posted by: Bro. Lawrence D. | November 7, 2008

Justifying A War?

I am not trying to become the next political pundit. Neither am I assuming the role of cultural commentator for Christians. This post is not an ant-war post, at least not totally. This is just more evidence of how mad I am over the Church In America allowing any political party to highjack our cause and substitute our true platform, which is to proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Take a look at this story:


Two men, both unaware of the other, sit outside of a home for weeks staking it out. They notice that there is a beautiful woman living there all alone. They are both stunned to see this lady living in such a big house by herself. They both decide that tonight is the night to break in. They leave their cars at the same time. Suddenly, one of the men (alleged burglar A) spots the other (alleged burglar B), creeps up behind him and hits him over the head, knocking him out. He procedes to enter the property. Unbeknownst to him, a neighbor has been watching the whole time and has called the police.

Both men are later arrested. When a search of their homes is done, alleged burglar B is found in possession of pictures of different women taken, apparently, through their bedroom windows. All of the women were victims of rape. This appears to be the man that raped each one of them. In the house of the alleged burglar A, the man who knocked him out, the police find receipts of what appears to be a shopping spree. They find receipts for flat screen tv’s, home entertainment systems, jewerly, clothes, etc. And they discover that the credit card used in each one of the purchases belongs to the lady in whose house alleged burglar A had broken into.

The trial for alleged burglar B is immediate and quick. All the evidence is against him and more than he wanted discovered comes out in court. Not only is he found guilty of the attempted burglary and rape of this woman but he’s also found guilty of over ten previously unsolved rapes. Alleged burglar A sees an angle for his defense.

At his trial, he pleads innocent despite all the evidence against him. Even the judge is shocked at his obstinance. You see, according to alleged burglar A, since he knocked out alleged burglar B and prevented a rape, he should then not be held accountable for his own crime. In fact, he claims, that it was a good thing that he was there to rob the lady at that exact moment and that she should be grateful to him.

Now if you think that the defense put forth by alleged burglar A is so ridiculous then you should feel the same way the next time you hear a so-called Christian defend the Iraq war. Our President, George W. Bush, told us that he was going into Iraq because they had weapons of mass destruction. When we got there, we found none. We did find massive graves filled with people, who we assume were killed without any justifiable reason. We did find people in poverty who had no representation in government. (like that doesn’t happen here, right?) We did find women being oppressed (by our definition) and so on and so on. So the justification for the war started to change almost daily. And it appears that we will not easily be able to end this huge mistake of a war.

My point is this. Christians, we should be outraged that we’ve allowed our cause in this world to be attached to such dishonesty and incompetence. This war is not a Christian cause. God is not especially on the side of America because we are here. There are Christians in Iraq you know. We as Christians should have been the first group to stand up and declare our dissatisfaction with the military being used for an apparently unjustifiable cause. Or at least, refrained ourselves from supporting it. Wars should be justified before they’re engaged in and not after. While I understand that there is no guarantee of infallible engagement in war, we as believers should always be willing to say we are wrong, if and when we are.

As a country, we should be as sure as possible why we are going there, before we get there, and not be in a position where we are scrambling around searching for a justification for our actions. We should seek to end wars  where it is discovered that the original reasons for engaging in them are no longer applicable.

No matter what you as a Christian believe about any war, including this one, your allegiance is to Christ. You should not support or defend that which Christ would not, if it is at all possible to refrain from doing so. There’s just no justification for doing otherwise!



  1. Give me your Reformed Card and get ready to put on an Anabaptist Jersey! You have been traded!

  2. Can I send it in the same envelope as my patriot card, my conservative card and my American evangelical card?

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