Posted by: Bro. Lawrence D. | November 5, 2008

Now What Evangelicals?!

This is a picture of our soon to be First Family. This is our President-Elect, the next First Lady and their two beautiful daughters.


Over this long election season I have been appalled by the behavior of many so-called Christians. I hate, first of all, that we’ve allowed either political party to believe themselves capable of defining our platform. We are members of a heavenly kingdom. Period. Secondly, love is supposed to be the governing motivation for every single one of our thoughts and actions. But for me to hear slander, insults, and flat out lies about a man simply because one disagrees with his policies, I find to be indefensible. Thirdly, I saw that no matter how we may attempt to proclaim otherwise, Christians have a rating system for sins. It’s either based on a made up scaling system (homosexuality vs. divorce) or on pure numbers(abortion vs. war casualties). But the bible says that “all unrighteousness is sin.”( I John 5:17) And finally, the most aggregious of all the unChristian behaviors were when some felt justified in implying that Barack Obama was the Antichrist. Utterly shameful! Barack Obama is no more the Antichrist than George Bush or any other politician. These are all fallen men and women who will be held accountable for the way they conducted themselves in leadership. But wait…..

You too, Christian, will be held accountable for your attitude and behavior towards them. Will you follow the dictates of scriptures such as: Romans 13:1-7, I Timothy 2:1-4, I Peter 2:13-17 and Titus 3:1-8?


If not, then why shouldn’t you be classified as anti-Christ?



  1. I love it brother….my God grant us the grace to navigate through this madness.

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