Posted by: Bro. Lawrence D. | August 29, 2008

Being Honest About My Personal Sins

As a blogger, it is so easy and tempting to hide behind my keyboard and write up many post criticizing any and everyone I disagree with. In the world of instant audio on Ipod, the opportunity to hear something that I disagree with is immeasurable. I don’t even have to isolate the Word Of Faith preachers of TBN, The Word Network, BET, or InspirationTV. I can take the most biblically and theologically sound preachers on radio or television and have a field day. They have no chance for redress or rebuttal because they probably don’t even know I exist. In a way, I’m shielded from debate.

Furthermore, for the most part, I make no attempt to contact the individuals with whom I disagree. As a matter of fact, I simply listen to their statements or read their writings several times and make a personal judgment as to how “sure” they sound and then I write about it. “You see”, I say to myself, “someone who sounds that sure, couldn’t possibly be approachable.” “Why would they receive correction from me?”, I ask. I believe I do this mostly as a means to justify not personally reaching out to these individuals. I go on to consider that, their ministries are big, they’ve got more degrees than a thermometer and they’re nationally known. All of that usually clears my conscience long enough to forego a telephone call or an e-mail attempt at dialoguing with them over the issue with which I disagree. 

Not withstanding the Matthew 18:15-17 principle, which I believe only operates within a more intimate setting between more intimate acquaintances, I don’t believe that there is any biblical mandate that I contact them first. However, if you know of any or if I’ve misapplied Matthew 18, then by all means correct me. But lately I’ve wondered if I’d like the chance to defend my statements to someone who disagrees with me before they write a public post about it. I wonder if I’d be worried at all about them misrepresenting my position. If so, then why am I not offering the same to these guys. Have I simply taken their popularity as not only providing a shield for them but for me as well?

So what’s the point of all this you may be asking? Well, as someone who desires to be “Agonizingly Honest” about his “Christianity”, I think it important for you the reader to know from my own mouth, that I’m a sinner or that I sin. (Yes, I believe I’m saved but you know what I mean.) Normally, when someone wishes to express this they say, “I admit, I’m not perfect.”. But that’s so obvious that it loses it’s impact. I mean, “Duh!”. No, I believe it is important to say that I’m a sinner, or at least to use the word “sin” in reference to my actions at times. I’m not one of those who wants to use Romans 7 as a cover but I’ll be honest with you and tell you I struggle. Both in the area of omission and commission.

I want the air to be clear, as well as, the message. As I write these articles, it is important to keep it in mind that: At times, I will be wrong. At times, I will exaggerate or at least overstate something. At times, I will speak from my emotions rather than from my brain. At times, I will have to retract some things that I say. At times, you will have to set me straight and I may not accept it at first. And all while I’m criticizing others I will be dealing with personal sins in my own life. That’s right, sins; lust, greed, unforgiveness, gossiping, slander, tale-bearing, coarse jesting, unbelief, ingratitude, slothfulness, apathy, lying, impatience, double-mindedness, worldliness, anger/wrath, envy, covetousness, stingy and the carbon dioxide of sins, PRIDE!  And if you’ve begun to pray for me while reading this, add any sins I may have forgotten.

Again, I recognize how easy it would be to pretend to have all my bases covered by eloquently articulating the missteps of others. But I honestly agonize over hypocrisy in my life. Hypocrisy is devestating and damning and I don’t want to be guilty of it. Will you join with me in prayer?



  1. BLD,

    I read a few blogs on a regular basis but it seems of them all you have been reading my mind! Are you sure you aren’t prophetic? No seriously, the thoughts you express on your page are those I have thought and could not find the words for so I thank you for your honesty as well as allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you in what you have written. I will join you in prayer as hypocrisy has always been a fear of mine in my Christian walk.

    God Bless You Brother

  2. You know what Carey?

    My mom had a saying when I was growing up, “You may not be saved, but in this house you’re going to live saved!”. So you know what I did? I learned to pretend to be saved! Now in my heart and mind I knew that I wasn’t but pretending can become a habit just like anything else. Carey we all know the saying, “You can fool some of the people all of the time…” But we also know that we can’t fool God any of the time. Therefore, I desire to be authentic in my Christianity. I realize how much the prayers and encouragement of other believers is vital to growth, maturity and strength. So I appreciate your prayers immensely! Be blessed my brother!

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